When your freedom and future is on the line, you need to know that you have a capable defense attorney with the skill, passion, and the know-how to defend your rights.

Emily Shelton has been defending the rights of Texans accused of crimes since 2008 and before that as a prosecutor for Midland County. She knows the system on both sides and has successfully tried over thousands of cases ranging from sexual assault, violent crimes, murder, drug offenses, prostitution charges, and DUI's.

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An accusation of sexual assault or rape can prove to be life changing in nature. Criminal offenses involving sexual deviance carries a stigma that can ruin your life, career options, and limit contact with your loved ones. Examples of sexual offenses include:

indecency with a child
sexual assault
aggravated sexual assault
prohibited sexual contact
compelling prostitution
sexual performance by a child
possession or promotion of child pornography
aggravated kidnapping 
burglary coupled with sexual assault
unlawful restraint
indecent exposure

A guilty verdict under Texas law may mandate that you to register as a sex offender which means telling the government about your movements, and being the first suspect if a sex crime occurs near your residence.

Don't let this happen to you! These cases need to be investigated thoroughly and aggressively.

If you are charged with a sex crime, or are being investigated for one, contact Emily Shelton immediately.

If you are under investigation, have been arrested or are charged with a crime, you need to understand the law, the legal system, and most important, your options. Decisions about whether to fight in court or attempt to negotiate a plea offer require accurate information and sound, experienced advice.

An assault charge can be the result of many things, a misunderstanding, a heated argument, or maybe simply because someone lied about what happened. 

Emily Shelton will be able to examine assault case and determine your best course of action, be it:

Self defense
Defense of others
Alibi Defense
Defense of property
Prevention of a crime

Contact Emily Shelton today to get the help you need.

Emily Shelton has successfully defended individuals arrested for drug offenses related to cocaine, methamphetamines, marijuana, heroin, crack, and for delivery & manufacture of a controlled substance.

Protect your rights and contact Emily Shelton today.

Homicide is defined as the killing of one person by another, and is the broad term that manslaughter, murder, and many other charges fall under.

A murder charge is as serious a charge as a person can face. Defined as the intentional killing of another person, the thought of the penalties can be suffocating.

Regardless of what homicide charge you are facing, Emily Shelton will handle your case with the attention to detail, tenacity, passionate defense and the clear understanding of law enforcement and jury dynamics you deserve.

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Emily Shelton has handled countless DUI & DWI cases, and has a clear understanding of the law enforcement agencies and judges that you could stand in front of. She provides an aggressive defense for those facing DUI or DWI charges.

DUI/DWI charges can impact your life for many years to come. Choose the right lawyer to fight for you and contact Emily Shelton today.

Prostitution is any sexual conduct in return for a fee. Although criminalized in Texas Penal Code Sec. 43.02[1], anyone accused of prostitution or soliciting prostitution remains innocent under the law until proven guilty. 

Arrests on charges of “prostitution” and “solicitation for prostitution” account for a significant portion of all arrests for sexually-oriented crimes in the Harris County area. 

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Criminal Defense

Emily Shelton's goal is to out-research, out-prepare, and out-argue opposing counsel in everything she does. She has the knowledge, experience, and resources to protect YOUR best interests and seek the best possible outcome for your case.

Her main areas of focus include:


I had a great experience with Emily representing my case. She was thorough, engaged, and had an understanding of the justice system. She is passionate and it reflects in her work. I appreciated her keeping me informed and presenting the case eloquently. I definitely recommend her!

We hired Emily Shelton after fighting our case for 2 years and never coming to a resolution. Our former lawyer had no knowledge and would delay and reset over and over again. We met Emily, and from Day 1 she worked extremely hard to get our case dismissed. She charges a fair fee and was worth every dime.

Emily Shelton was awesome, specifically she got the case dismissed with simple volunteer work and restitution which i thought was very fair. We were able to work with the victim and obtain a Non-Prosecution Affadavit which made both sides happy. I would would recommend her to anyone.