Will it cost me money to talk to Attorney Emily Shelton?

Never. Emily loves to discuss the law. Initial consultations are always free.

What information do I need to provide?

A case number is helpful, A System Personal Number (SPN) is helpful, but usually just a First and Last name is all that is needed to check on the status of you or your loved one's case.

How much will it cost me?

Each case is different, depending on the nature of the crime, criminal history, and mitigating circumstances. Before Emily Shelton signs on as your defense attorney, she will discuss fee structures and give you a fair affordable price. 

How can I contact Attorney Emily Shelton?

Phone, Text message, or via the contact page.

Is talking to Emily Shelton confidential?

Absolutely. You should expect that communications with Emily Shelton will be kept confidential and that she will make you comfortable and not judge you when you give her information. Theses communication and case management practices are the norm for Attorney Emily Shelton, and she is proud to be able to provide the highest level of professional service to her clients in a consistent manner.

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